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Learn the world’s most renown healing herbs and personalized recipes that are tried and true by my own family! This includes recipes designed not only for healthcare purposes, but cleaning and personal care as well.

Read into the macro and micro nutritional value behind various food and wild edibles and the evidence behind why they’re so good for you.

Learn about plant allies, and how using these plants along with lifestyle changes can help keep our health on track and aid in the healing of various ailments.

Explore Celtic folk medicine and folklore.

Learn about various natural healing modalities such as mindfulness, meditation, massage and psychological awareness.

Read into permaculture and gardening including things like permaculture design, re-wilding, butterfly and bee keeping, natural and safe pesticides, working with nature to your benefit and other gardening hacks.

Learn about natural living and parenting methods, healthy routines, nature based activities and wildschooling lessons.

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